Sunday, October 5, 2014

Northwest Chocolate Festival 2014 (part 1 the ingredients)

The North West chocolate festival closed its doors today...
This year we demonstrated how to make chocolate brioche; here is the recipe we followed:

The chocolate brioche:

300gr bread flour (11 oz)
150gr eggs (3 pieces)
55gr milk (1.8 oz)
20gr sugar (2/3 oz)
6gr salt (1/7 oz)
4gr Instant dry yeast (1/8 oz) or 8gr fresh yeast (2/8 oz)
75gr Dark chocolate (66% cacao minimum) (2.2 oz)
35gr butter (1.1 oz)

The milk chocolate ganache:
300gr milk chocolate (10 oz)
150gr heavy cream (5 oz)

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