Saturday, November 10, 2018

Noth West Chocolate Festival 2018

The NorthWest Chocolate Festival is this week end, we presented chocolate Snow Men made with chocolate meringue, here is the full recipe.

First the snowmen are made with three components

1- The meringue
For the meringue you need 100gr egg whites, 100gr sugar, 95gr powder sugar and 5gr cacao powder.

-Whip together the whites and the 100gr of sugar to stiff peak.

-Fold the cacao poder and powder sugar into the initial mix (this works best if the powders are sifted.
-Pipe on parchment paper an equal number of large and small demi spheres.
-Bake in a 180°F oven for 12 hours.

2-The ganache
For the ganache you will need 80gr of chocolate (around 60%) and 80gr of heavy cream.
-Place the chocolate cut in small pieces into a bowl.
-Bring the cream to a simmer, and pour it over the chocolate
-Gently stir the chocolate and cream mixture together until homogeneous.

3-The Chocolate whipped cream
For the chocolate whipped cream you will need 100gr heavy cream and 30gr chocolate (any type of chocolate will work including milk, and white).
-Place the chocolate in small pieces into a bowl.
-Pour the boiling cream over, the chocolate, mix together, and refrigerate overnight. 

Use a large demi sphere, and pipe a small nugget of ganache. Whip the chocolate whipped cream until light (watch out this can get over-whipped).
Pipe a rosette of chocolate whipped cream over the ganache, and fasten a small meringue on the top of it.
Add decor as you wish.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Chocolate festival 2017

Impact of water on shelf life of ganache,
find our PowerPoint HERE.

Chocolate festival 2017

Here we are today is the 2017 NorthWest Chocolate festival in Seattle.

This year we will demonstrate a Super Delicious Chocolate Chunks Cookies26gr
Here is the recipe:
1 Delicious Crunchy:
26gr  dark chcolate
26gr milk chocolate
40gr Praline paste (or peanut butter)
50gr crunchy cereals

Melt the chocolate together, add the praline paste and crunchy cereal, mix well, and allow to cool, until hard.

2 The Cookie Dough:
50gr sugar
140gr butter
50gr brown sugar
1 egg
5gr vanilla extract
5gr baking soda
5gr baking powder
5gr salt
220gr flour
80gr chunks of milk chocolate
100gr chunks of dark chocolate
143gr (the whole batch) of crunchy mix

Cream the sugars with the butter, add the egg, add the dry ingredients, finally add the chunks of chocolates, and the crunchy mix.

Scoop on baking trays, and bake at 350F (180c) for about 10 minutes.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Art Institute Culinary joins forces with the Fashion department

The culinary department Advanced Patisserie class, took on the challenge of creating a cake for the Americana Luxury Handbags MOD EXPLOSION, which consisted of a sheet cake and a chocolate replica of a 1960's Gucci Vanity Purse.

The original vs the Chocolate

Capstone Summer 2017 at The Art Institute of Seattle

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Advanced pâtisserie 2017, week 4

Week 4

Cinnamon croissant before baking

Cinnamon croissant

Classic butter croissant

Red fruit and lychee verrine, inspired by Pierre Hermé

Sablé breton, with pistachio cream, berries, and chocolate decor

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Advanced pâtisserie 2017

Cherry insert

Chocolate cake

Vanilla and Cherry inserts
Mousse cake built upside down

Chocolate mousse cake with cherry and vanilla insert,
After Spraying


Baba au rum