Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chocolate macarons

200gr egg whites
230gr almond powder
400gr powder sugar
28gr cocoa powder

Sift the powders
After sifting

Whipping the whites
 Equipment, a sheetpan with parchment paper, a bowl scraper, a silicon spatula, a pipping bag with a tip (asteco 806).

The whites stiff peak

Add the powders in two steps
Use the bowl scraper or the silicon spatula for the mix
First step of the mixing

End of the mixing the batter is a little runny and shiny
Trick, tuck the bag inside the tip to prevent the batter from running out
Once filled
Un-tuck the bag from the tip
Leaving space between the macarons, will help a proper baking
Crusting in front od the oven

Checking on the crusting
The batter does not stick to the finger
Baking about 10 minutes at 330F
Coming out of the oven
ready for the filling
a bit of ganache
 and Voilà

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