Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Individual pastry mid term

Black berry cheesecake

Key-lime dessert

Individual pastry Mid Term

Chocolate mille feuille
fruit tart
chocolate mousse with a heart of creme brulée
French macaron with white chocolate mousse
Lemon basil

Strawberry tart,
Key lime dessert,
Black berry cheesecake
Red fruit and yougurt mousse on a honey sponge
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

European cake "Special Macarons"

Special Macarons, three flavors:


Lemon, and red fruits
Pistachio strawberry
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Individual Pastry week 4

The lemon basil mousse cakes finished
This cake was made after the recipe of Jean-Michel Perruchon published in the book Entremets Petits Gateaux Fusion. http://www.chipsbooks.com/entremet.htm
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Individual cakes week 4

Candied lemon dipped in clear Isomalt
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Individual cakes week 4

Hello again, on week 4 we finished
the lemon basil cakes made on week 3.

This pictures shows the spraying of
a light green chocolate coating
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