Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Seattle Gift & Holiday Food Show

Last Saturday we were at The Seattle Gift & Holiday Food Show, where we demonstrated how to make puff pastry, and how to use it to make savory amuse bouche.

Here is the full recipe:

750gr flour (1.5 pound)
250gr butter (1/2 a pound)
17gr Salt (1/2 a ounce)
350gr water (12 ounces)

350gr folding butter (12 ounces)

our ingredients

the flour, salt and 250gr of butter cut in small pieces

use the hook or paddle attachment

slowly add the water

dough in transition

The dough ready

Remove wrap and refrigerate

With a rolling pin tap the 350gr of butter in to a thin square
The only thing left to do is to roll the dough into a rectangle twice as big as the butter.
Wrap the butter in the dough and roll everything together.