Friday, October 2, 2015

North West Chocolate festival opens tomorrow...

The chocolate festival (in Seattle) opens tomorrow, chef Wynne and I will be demonstrating how to make chocolate Kouign Amann, with a heart of Caramelia chocolate from Valrhona (delicious).

The Caramelia, is a delicious milk chocolate made with caramelized sugar.

Classic Kouign Amann
The Kouign Amann, is a breakfast pastry from Brittany region in France, very rich in butter and sugar, it is sweeter and denser than croissant, yet very delicious.
For the 2015 N.W. chocolate festival we decided to enhance the recipe by making it chocolate and giving it a heart of Caramelia chocolate.

Here is our recipe:
1-For the pastry

550gr flour
50gr cacao powder
15gr salt
8gr active dry yeast (or instant dry yeast)
50gr sugar
360gr water
350gr salted butter

2-For the heart of Caramelia chocolate
120gr Heavy cream
4gr pectin
4gr sugar
140gr Caramelia from Valrhona**
40gr Illanka 63% from Valrhona

** Valrhona chocolate will have a booth at the festival.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Chocolate class how to make a chocolate flower step by step

Step 1 get some chocolate 

Chop it 

Melt it, we use the microwave oven

Once melted temper the chocolate 

We use the seeding technique for small amounts of chocolate

Cool down to a maximum of 32°c

Do a test to make sure the chocolate is in temper

use a mould for the base of the flower

We are using Trufflymade mould

After 2 coats allow to crystalize

Start on the chocolate petals

Apply the blade of a knife to acetate plastic

Give a curve to the acetate with the help of tape

Use larger knife for larger petals

All the petals ready to go


Petals and center ready to be assembled 

Pipe a small amount of chocolate to the extremity of a petal

Apply the petal to the base and cool with cold spray

Keep adding petals