Thursday, August 13, 2015

Chocolate class how to make a chocolate flower step by step

Step 1 get some chocolate 

Chop it 

Melt it, we use the microwave oven

Once melted temper the chocolate 

We use the seeding technique for small amounts of chocolate

Cool down to a maximum of 32°c

Do a test to make sure the chocolate is in temper

use a mould for the base of the flower

We are using Trufflymade mould

After 2 coats allow to crystalize

Start on the chocolate petals

Apply the blade of a knife to acetate plastic

Give a curve to the acetate with the help of tape

Use larger knife for larger petals

All the petals ready to go


Petals and center ready to be assembled 

Pipe a small amount of chocolate to the extremity of a petal

Apply the petal to the base and cool with cold spray

Keep adding petals