Thursday, April 29, 2010

Advanced pastry week 3.

The cakes produced week 3
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Advanced pastry

Jasmin mousse, and plum jelly
Peptid Dragonfly
This cake is composed of lady finger, coconut mousse
passion fruit curd. To make it mor interesting, we also add
some skittles inside.
The whole thing is glazed with a white chocolate coating,
and ornate with a pulled sugar dragonfly.
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Advanced pastry

Caramel and mango mousse

The sponge and the mangoes are slightly flavored with thyme.

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Spacial Pâte à choux

Decadent eclair,
The filling is a dark chocolate crèmeux,
the eclair is baked with caremelized slivered almonds
on the top.
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Special pâte à choux

Vanilla Religieuse ("nun" in English)
This is a traditional French
pastry made with two cream puffs
a small one on the top of a bigger one.

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Sacher torte

Intro to pastry,
Made a re-visited version of
Sacher Torte, the famous Austrian cake.
The difference with the original, is that this one
has multiple cake and ganache layers, so the result is more
moist, and melts in mouth.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

European cake Week 1

Exotic mousse after an original creation of
Stephane Glacier
Printed sponge, Exotic mousse, ladyfinger, Italian meringue and fruit décoration.
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European cakes

First day of the quarter
Exotic mousse
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Advanced pastry

The finished raspberry tarts
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Advanced Pastry

Second project a simple raspberry tart,
2 options :
-one with a light white chocolate mousse
-one with a thin layer of almond cream
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Special Strawberry

The little red flowers are made with colored fondant.
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Advance Pastry Spring 2010

First cake of the quarter Special Strawberry
Layer of streusel sponge at the bottom,
Tahiti Vanilla Bavarian cream, Fresh strawberries,
Ladyfinger soaked with simple syrup,
White chocolate and strawberry cremeux,
Red fruit and macaron décoration.
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Last class for the winter quarter

Opera cake (Joconde sponge, coffee buttercream, chocolate mousse, glaze and chocolate macaron).

Chocolate madeleine, you will notice the perfect bump, (a madeleine without a bump is ... well... not a madeleine).

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The best croissants from Intro to baking Winter 2010.
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Individual cakes Final

Assortment of small pasties made by the
Winter 2010 Individual cake class for their final.
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