Monday, September 27, 2010

IBIE Monday Summary

Monday International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE).
      At the IBIE the French language prevails.  Let's face it it is an international exposition.  From hand tools to high volume industrial applications, and equipment the IBIE has something to offer for everyone at all levels.   The shear scale of this industry gathering is well in character with the scale of Las Vegas architecture - HUGE!!
      From sil-pat sheets, flexi-molds, to machinery (the size of buses) that produce thousands of pastries, and food items at the touch of computerized switch the show offers countless  solutions in this comprehensive event for the industry, industry suppliers, and engineers of industry driven solutions to gather.
     Food highlights included our visit to International Foods & Ingredients, Inc. purveyors Chef Werner Schanzl, creations of desserts featuring the line of fruit purees, chocolate show piece work by Chef Bruno Couret and reacquaintence with Sales Director Paerick Dubreil. (see photos)
Showpiece by Chef Bruno Couret

Chef Werner

    Sunday's International Baking Competition was on hand with Mexico, the United States and Canadian efforts on display. (see photos)
Team Canada

Team Mexico

Team USA

     Finally a special thanks to Chef Laurent Baillon from Ai San Bernadino, Ca and French Gorrmet Pastries, Honolulu HI for the extended invite and hospitality of his team in Las Vegas and the IBIE. 

                                      Food and Pastry -From IBIE Las Vegas Chefs D. Wynne and A. Rondenet (AiS)

IBIE Sunday a little bit of chocolate

The cacao Barry booth

IBIE Sunday

Lots of equipment and a little bit of chocolate...
Konig dough miwer,
Bongard deck oven and
Rond laminoir (sheeter)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

IBIE Las Vegas!

The Las Vegas International Baking Industry Exposition opens today, and we'll be there covering it all week...

In the mean time, here are some sneak pics from the prep...